Science? No, Not everything is about it

Not everything is about science

I will intentionally leave out the science about the dominance of the bilateral body parts,

because I want to focus your attention on the development we’ve always ignored.

for those of us who landed without seeing the previous post, read here.

We all love scientific findings and have found a way to make it fun and pleasing to hear

even though the fun part sometimes causes objections due to misinterpretation of data,

which in some cases could end up being fatal.

I’ll let you in on an example.

In Nigeria where I come from,

during the Ebola virus outbreak some group of unidentified people created an awareness using the social media,

that bathing with salt will reduce your chances of contracting the virus

and I won’t blame some of us who are victims of these pranks because we decided to stay superstitious.

This awareness although fun like a scientific findings went viral and even more fatal than the virus itself.

Unfortunate victims made their bath water highly concentrated with salt,

just to be the safest person in the country and to the detriment of their knowledge they died of dehydration.

One of the victims was said to be hypertensive, yet, still went ahead without medical advice.

Those  of us with scientific backgrounds up their sleeve know what excessive concentrations of solute,

in this case salt, do to cells belonging to living organisms.

What it does is basically dragging water out of the cell to balance itself both in and out.

so the water solute dilution outside the cell environment is equal to the water solute dilution inside the cell.

It doesn’t take a rocket science to know that salt is used as a preservative for some food stuffs like meat,

by salt drying them (dehydration),

removing most water content to make the meat cell environment less capable of breeding micro-organisms.

I didn’t want to go all science here, although it can be fun,

it’s easily misinterpreted.

Now, I’m not saying the media is bad,

heck, that’s not even my point of discussion.

What I basically want to let you know is,

that part of you didn’t know about,

or should I say knew about but ignored.

Like those who like their love to happen magically and basically follow their heart which of course is their emotions.

Note, I’m not saying emotions are bad what I’m saying is,

if you must follow your emotions then you should have every knowledge about everything.

as emotions and logic are ways of making decisions based on information you have inside not based on what is outside.

I want you to pay more attention to your personality,

and develop both the strengths and weaknesses as this will balance you up,

most people who have knowledge of personality,

more generally psychology use this to assess other people.

missing the point in total although, this is a part of it,

it’s only to be used after you have made a thorough assessment of yourself,

only then will you know the real difference between yourself and why you act the way you do,

from others and why they act the way they do.

Note this is no easy task to fulfil.

don’t expect to be ambidextrous in terms of logic and emotional deductive reasoning,

when you start making some progress in this area of development.

We all saw psychology under one type of microscope, I say we use another

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