The Reason Why is better than MMM

(1.)RE-COMMITMENT RULES: When you Provide Help to another and Receive Help on the 30th day from another Participant, you have a maximum of 3 days to place another offer to Provide Help, failure to place another offer to provide help drops your credibility score to 0% and your account will be blocked. This Feature ensures that every user participates continuously. We all know that this is a mutual aid community controlled by the participants and anytime participants stop Providing Help the Community Collapses. Which is why Get Help Worldwide set the Re-Commitment Rule, if everyone keeps participating the Community stays FOREVER and everyone keeps earning.
(2.)PROVIDE HELP LIMIT: The Maximum Help one can Provide is 2 million in Local Currency and $5,000 in Bitcoin. This feature is to block those who come to platforms like this to take advantage of other. Some wealthy businessmen see platforms like this as an opportunity to make millions in 30 days so they throw in huge millions for example 200 million so he/she can make 60 million in 30 days. These kind of people only participate once. He gives help of 200 million and then gets help of 260 million in 30 days and he never participates anymore, all who donated such huge some will remain stranded because the number of people who need help will then exceed the number of people Providing Help and the Community Stands STILL. This has been blocked in Get Help Worldwide by Setting a Provide Help Limit. So one can take advantage of anyone here on Get Help Worldwide.


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(3.)AUTO PROVIDE HELP MINIMUM BALANCE: Also in a way to make everyone grow at same pace with no one trying to play smart, the Auto Provide Help Minimum Balance automatically makes the last Help you offered your Provide Help Balance. If you offer to Provide Help of 10,000 naira for instance, 10,000 naira becomes your minimum Provide Help Balance. After your have received Help and you want to place another offer, you cannot place any offer less that the previous 10,000 you offered, you either repeat same N10,000 or you increase it, if you choose to increase it to N50,000 after receiving Help, your next Provide Help cannot go below 50,000. This is to stop those who think they are smart not knowing they are affecting the growth of the Community, in other platforms, once can Provide Help of 1 million and get 1.3 million in 30 days, the same person in his next Provide Help offer might decide to give 10,000 after he has taken out 300,000 from the community in his previous help received. This affects the community. Some do it because they have gotten a lot of referral bonuses so they see no reason to give something tangible, while some of them no longer Provide Help at all because they have a lot of referral bonuses to cash out every 30 days, little did they know that it affects the Community’s sustainability because from their own part, they have stopped providing help and still receiving help every 30 days (Think for a second what will happen if all old members stop providing help and depending on new members, at a time the new members will not see anyone to receive help from). This cannot work on Get Help Worldwide. Your last offer becomes your minimum Provide Help balance on Get Help Worldwide.




(4.)100% SECURITY: (a) The Website is SSL Enabled (https://). (b) Once your Bank account details is entered for the first time, it can no longer be changed either by you or anyone who steals your password. To change your bank account details, you have to contact support.
(5.)CREDIBILITY SCORE: This keeps all participants active its stars with 100% from the moment you join the Community. Each time you default, you loose some % from your Credibility Score and anytime its drops to 0% your account will be blocked. Your Credibility Score also increases when you are doing the right thing.

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