We all saw psychology under one type of microscope

We all saw psychology under one type of microscope, I say we use another


You now notice this write-up isn’t about science we’ve all been focusing on,

and even the psychology study we get from various sources,

were made to look scientific when it was just about personal development.

check out the previous post if you haven’t read it yet.

Because of this most people who don’t like the sciences,

it just wasn’t made for them as how they usually put it,

(the downsides of having less logical capabilities to emotional capabilities).

so you see, we’ve labelled almost everything in the world today.

almost everything in the sense that when a child is born,

it is forced to pick a path in the guise of child development.

“who says we are born free”?

we’ve been on this path for a very long time because our caregivers were on it too,

and what better way to raise a child than the way you were raised or the direct opposite of.

Hence, no matter how you look at it, the child is still forced to pick a path,

it doesn’t matter if they made it themselves as some caregivers could make it look like it was the child’s decision

until something dramatic happens like a change of heart and mind.

Now, I say why letting ourselves be forced to pick a path,

when we can look into both paths,

merge them into one and grow from it?

I know what you’re thinking.

You think I want the school system to merge both the sciences and arts into one and increase the workload of students.

XD XD, students are hating now.

Nah, Don’t worry that’s totally not the point it’s the slight opposite.

I’ll make another post about why the school system has to be revised,

some work really needs to be done in that aspect.

If you paid attention to me,

you’ll find that what I’ve been saying all along isn’t all scientific,

or school related in any way, but strictly on human development.

Instead, of treating psychology like another science subject,

it should be treated like a guide to personal development.

Notice I said,

 “guide to” and not “guide for”.

Psychology isn’t some manual you must follow for anything,

it’s just, let me put it this way, directions to human analysis.

You learn them and pick which best fits you and develop from there.

“you make your choice not have one made for you”.

Online and offline you find the use of personality tests,

though, it’s a part of the guide but they are similar to scientific fun facts.

Remember what I said about scientific fun facts?

They are prone to misinterpretations and like the scientific fun facts,

this is worse,

with stereotypic representation being the mildest to the sociopath being the psychologic fatality.

Do you know why this is?

Here’s my answer.

When you first get introduced into this personality sort of thing you get excited,

and the stereotypic representation sets in.

some of us get this delusions of grandeur which stops us from achieving the main goal, development.

Some personality types rank themselves as superior to the others.

Mostly seen on social network groups.

You talk of cyberbullying?

There’s a personality type that doesn’t see this as a problem,

because it looks like a normal exchange of words to them but to some others very offensive.

Don’t misunderstand me cyberbullying takes different forms,

now there are some that are extreme and over the edge,

once you perceive the slightest threat to life or form of damage to your personality or self-esteem,

doesn’t matter which way you look at it,

involve the necessary authorities to deal with it right away.

Like I said these stereotypes,

group themselves into their respective stereotypic group and when you get in,

sometimes you’re confused by what you see

and mostly because you took multiple type tests online

guising as authentic giving you different results each.

Most times they are right we take these tests based on a lot of factors

that may change in a heartbeat due to different experiences we may have had growing up.

Once you share these with the group depending on the group,

they come at you making you feel like an outsider,

especially when  you openly ask if the type was supposed to act that way.

One thing we fail to know,

while it’s possible to have the same personality type,

it’s not possible for them to act the same way.

That would make the world look like a factory,

creating robots of different types fitting into their individual groups.

My personal experience, My personality

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