predictability of humans and personality

The predictability of humans and personality

As humans, We are known for our predictability.

with the right method of analysis,

it’s possible to make a quick conclusion of whatever might be going on, most especially emotionally.

A larger part of society has ignored a larger part of analytical content

of the human composition relying mostly on emotions to guide them.

Under the overall human way of operation as directly related to personality,

I have picked two parts to focus my writing on.

These are the logical an emotional way of thinking,

used to make judgement calls and or split second decisions.

Some specific set of people are attuned to their emotions than their logic as we all know,

giving them high emotional capabilities,

the other due to being attuned to the logical cognitive function, high logical capabilities.

Society accustomed us to favor the emotional side to the logical side,

leaving those accustomed to their logical side at a loss,

they are forced to change in other to fit in and those unable to do so are seen as weird.

adding insult to injury, they are sometimes called stone hearted and made to believe,

they don’t care about the well being of others or how they feel,

Society have failed to accept the fact that some of us choose to process emotions internally while others externally.

For instance,

a loved one who has passed away,

normally the ones with high emotional capabilities who find it okay to show their emotions,

and by instincts, show what they feel within,

however, for our logical thinkers,

who think it isn’t okay to do this, perceive it as weird themselves.

Though, as close to the deceased as he or she can be,

choose not to show any overly form of exaggerated emotions.

and they seem really good at giving the eulogy at a wake.

I very much disagree with all this though,

and instead say those with high logical capabilities also feel the same way those with high emotional capabilities do,

and most importantly both sides have the logic and emotions.

It’s only unequal and therefore we naturally tend to lean on our stronger part,

just like we prefer to use our dominant arm to do manual labor and everything else.

though both arms may look the same,

but if you give it a thorough checking,

you find that the dominant part is slightly structurally larger than the other due to more usage.

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