Personality and it’s experiences, My personality

Personality and it’s experiences, My personality

personality experience; 

check the previous posts, this here is the last part.

as you know humans are hypocrites, even myself as well is guilty of this stereotype thing but before all this test and all,

I usually have this curiosity for things and this high drive and affinity for knowledge.

I had some instinctual knowledge of who I am,

what I didn’t know was why I was different from everyone else.

I didn’t fit into a lot of things and groups so I started asking questions.

Who am I?

Why am I the way I am?

I did a lot of research both on books and the internet,

information related and unrelated I got a lot of them, even age appropriate and otherwise.

I got lucky on some of the information I got, that if gotten too soon, it can impact lives negatively

but before that happens, I stumble on another explaining it because i did a lot of research.

hence, giving me more information on how things work.

then I figured some knowledge are designed for some age groups,

due to having the necessary resources to contain it and to impact their lives positively with it.

“” Like the reviewed saying goes “knowledge isn’t power application is”.

It will help you to know power can be intoxicating””.

I had a lot of information at a young age that I  knew I wasn’t supposed to have at that stage in life,

with my level I wasn’t satisfied at least not yet.

so I sought more, my questions had started and i didn’t want to stop.

Now, you may think I’m power hungry, though that’s one way to look at it,

I completely disagree with that.

I’ll say this information I got led me to more and more information with each creating more questions for me,

but my sole purpose was to find out who I am as a human being and how this world came to exist.

The negative impact it had on me was I started seeing how wrong a lot of things were done,

and how to fix it knowing too well not everyone likes being fixed but could do well with some support,

I kept what i knew to myself out of fear after being accused of being disrespectful.

I won’t really go further into my life here.

as i kept on my search I stumbled on a personality test.

taking the test; I was happy with what I saw,

as I had suspected right before I got there.

Like I said instincts. XD, I joined a group, found out about a lots of things.

pleasing as it was to find like-minded people, I knew deep down there was more than just this.

As I developed personally, my type had some shifts to other nearby personality types so I realized my mistake.

I had only read the profile on my personality type and a few that caught my interest.

that’s when it hit me we’re not just made of one personality we’re all of them.

Just like the brain having a dominant hemisphere,

we also have our dominant personality,

and the shadow which is our least dominant function and this occasionally arises when we’re in deep mental stress.

That’s why people say you’re acting strange.

When you don’t act the normal way you did with them

and this is as a result of having a default analytical judgement toward others.

if you are able to figure out what makes you tick as well as the others this can be changed

So, when they go out of that region our thinking function gives us a signal.

Then, we act according to our own dominant personality type.

All these things about personality is large to fit in all at once if not impossible to do.

What I’m suggesting is instead of trying to stereotype other types,

saying how incompatible a personality type is, for ours,

we instead should develop ours, then gradually add other functions which will enable us cooperate with one another.

There are no bad personality types instead they all have their strengths and weaknesses.

I have a lot to say on personality types,

yet even I, haven’t learnt about all of them except mine and a few other types.

You can search the web for the different personality profiles to get to know about yourself

and how to be the best version of yourself.

Only then, will you be able to deal with others even those who you consider enemies.

Remember you can’t expect people to act a certain way or how you want all the time

and most of the time they too want you to do the same for them.

as funny and contradictory as it sounds, it’s true.

The way, is the guide to development not for development.

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