Study Task and what makes it Difficult?


What makes a Study Task Difficult?

It’s all about trying to study smart

After receiving lectures today, I, and my colleagues had a casual debate on teachers,

specifically why the school had to give us bad teachers all the time.

Well, after much thought,

I came up with an answer and have decided to share it with you and hope to receive ideas on this topic. Continue reading “Study Task and what makes it Difficult?”

Thoughts and ideas, how they become Actions.



thoughts: do you have a thought or an idea?

weight of thought: how vast is this thought or idea?

confidence: you will need confidence for that thought.

amount of confidence: trust me the greater the thought, the greater the confidence required.

consequences: thoughts have consequences.

taking responsibility: can you bear the consequences?

action: what are you waiting for? You can act on it! Continue reading “Thoughts and ideas, how they become Actions.”