Medical School Survival; Psychology and learning styles

Surviving as a Medical Student using Psychology and learning styles

A good number of us have thought medical school to be this fun experience.

Truth be told, yes, but it’s up to you to make it fun.

If you don’t know how to do this, then you’ve got yourself into a big pile of mess.

Fun doesn’t necessarily mean the usual partying.

Although, you can make the time for the partying and stuff.

But, if you don’t make real efforts to make sure you study and become confident as well,

then medicine though maybe your passion,

will not let you see another fun period.

Eventually, all your time will be devoted to looking for numerous methods,

to pass that one exam which has become a setback,

making even the others pile themselves up,

giving you a never-ending episode of frustration, anxiety, and regret.

There’re solutions everywhere.

however, it’s one thing to know of a solution, but another to know how to use it effectively.

I wrote about learning styles a little on one of my earlier posts and extensively on my eBook

Learning how to be the Teacher everyone loves
Attaining Greater Knowledge

You can check it out when you have the time.

It will help you not just to guide you to academic success, but to personal development.

The younger you are, the better for you,

reason is, you’ll have the time and energy to make some adjustments to better your everyday life and interactions with people.

In medicine your study tasks will need about 8 or more reading hours excluding your time in class.

As rigorous as this is, you have to prepare for the task ahead as well.

it almost looks like you lack the time for study let alone other things,

but with the right goals and mindset you will conquer it with ease,

then go ahead to become that student everyone wants to hang around with.

Your main aim here,

will be to know your own learning styles as well as the style the study task requires.

For instance, you don’t want to use your dominant visual learning style,

to tackle subjects like pharmacology that lacks pictorial details to give simple

explanations to anything related to your task.

this subject poses no threat to the linguistic learning style, and that’s what’s required by default.

Right now, it’s up to you to take the initiative of turning this subject pharmacology into a pictorial depicted study task,

as difficult as this may be, it’s possible.

You can not only imagine the explanations in a unique way,

but creatively imagine yourself interacting with them.

The more interesting you make this for yourself,

the better and faster it is for your brain to assimilate.

massively reducing the time, it takes for your brain to own the material.

enabling you to reproduce the topic in your own words and understanding.

Some medical students make this common mistake of trying to rapidly finish their study tasks by reading as though it’s a novel.

just to feel justified of having reading the material,

only to come back to it grudgingly during the period of test or examination.

which is not only a bad idea but a sure way to get stuck on a level,

never going forward, with a huge risk of piling up materials to be read.

The thought of having another pending task to study alone,

is enough to send you into depression which leaves you open to other types of mental damage.

That you’re a medical student doesn’t give you automatic immunity to common illness.

You want to give yourself and the world a higher chance to a healthy life.

it’s an honorable opportunity to give the world the best,

through an honorable service. so do it smart and confidently.

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