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About Marquis Blog

marquisMy name is Marquis Julius,

Formally, I am known as, Joel Julius.

I prefer being called marquis though.

I am a medical student at AIETI, David Tvildiani Medical University.

I’m a curious person, having great affinity and unquenchable thirst for knowledge.

Sadly, I tend to get into trouble a lot for doing things a little differently from others.

I became a blog writer to inspire and encourage everyone with great ideas to never yield to pressure of any kind,

rather, I urge you to gain more strength to resist it instead.

share your thoughts and ideas on marquis blog about what you know of anything and everything in general if you are interested.

Let others learn from your thoughts and ideas as you learn from theirs.

I’m not alone in this, as i have some prestigious users who are a part of this blog and excel in their own niche as well.

furthermore, the position of contributor will be granted automatically when you sign up,

so you can share your view about things you had always wanted to let everyone know about.