Power of Information Right or Wrong

Power of Information Right or Wrong

I listen to a lot of Information people say regardless of being spoken to or not.

this information I get, is used as part of tools I use to improve myself.

Sometimes I find a lot of what people say lacks depth of adequate knowledge,

especially those who speak philosophically to others,

and I begin to wonder if their listeners actually buy into what they say

or it’s just another regular gossip that will still be thrown out the round window (pun intended) and forgotten.

Well, I don’t actually know if they buy into it or not because lots of people lack common knowledge of philosophy.

Hence, if anyone on a mediocre level happens to knows about it,

can decide to go about sharing his or her philosophy below a mediocre level.

due to the power of word of mouth, a lot can happen after it spreads like wildfire, and trust me, not very good things.

Let me give you a classical example; of what I’m talking about.

monogamy and polygamy

monogamy or Polygamy, where do you stand?

Two people were having a conversation in this case two members of the opposite sex just chatting away.

A part of the content happened to be philosophical, with the guy being the speaker, said,

“naturally men are more into polygamy than monogamy while women are the exact opposite”.

It sounds funny but if you’ve already noticed this statement wasn’t originally from him.

Clearly he got the information from someone else who may mean something to him so he believed it without second thought and sold that same information to another.

Now, you can see how misinformation can spread like a wildfire.

Due to the fact,

that, we are in an enlightened era doesn’t mean everyone is enlightened on everything.

Heck even I don’t know everything so I try to seek lots of information about anything everywhere I go.

This has been a common belief that men are polygamous and women are monogamous.

I want to dispute this belief.

In my opinion anyone can choose to be polygamous or monogamous be it a male of a female.

As time goes on this world hopefully will grow more enlightened so more people know more of the right information than the wrong ones.

Another classical example I want to share is; gossip.

Gossips and recipients; which are you

It’s popularly known that women gossip a lot while the men don’t.

as ridiculous as this sounds a lot of people today still believe this horrendous information.

Even as studies of psychology is becoming more and more popular

a lot of folks still choose to stay in the dark carrying this notion around,

making it easy for men and women alike to use, as an excuse or a justifiable means for their actions.

I have another opinion for this belief of a thing.

My opinion as stated; anyone can gossip some more than the other,

doesn’t matter what sex you are as long as it’s associated with your personality,

you cannot help it unless you choose to be in denial and keep using it as an excuse.

Most importantly,

“gossips are not necessarily a bad thing what’s bad is what you say about a subject and the effect it has on it”

studies have shown that gossips start from early childhood as a way of making connections with your peer as well as influence on them.

Children who don’t have sufficient amount of this skill are soon separated from the circle due to having no gossip to share.

gossips also have its negative effects which affects everyone on an overall level be it the gossip or the recipient,

and I know the negative effects are more than its positive effects.

if someone gossips about someone else to you then chances are you’ll be a hot topic to someone else.

but the real question is;

what will be the effect after the gossip?

will it be good or bad?

well you will never know, unless you know the type of relationship you have with the gossip.

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