The brain at its best; We are our brains so let’s get to know us.

We are our brains, everything else is just an accessory for its structure and definition.

The brain at its best.

Ever given your mind the liberty of driving itself to its depth,

generating one impossible situation?

I had a thought, one most astonishing than anything else I’ve ever come across.

I Look at myself in the mirror and ask myself this question.

Who am I structurally?

And what is the most important thing that makes me, me in terms of structure?

about the question,

most of the time trying to come up with an answer.

but I know fully well that the answer is nowhere to be found, or just too tedious to generate.

Imagine a human whose limbs were switched for something else.

Would he still be any different?

How about changing every bit of internal organs would he still be different?

My best guess is no.

however, this last thought that changes everything,

and I believe this is where the real human lies.

Small it may be, weighing just 2% of the human body.

It’s not surprising that most of the body’s nutritional budget,

about 20% of it, is allocated to funding the upkeep of this small but astonishing tissue.

This tissue happens to be the only tissue that can’t be transplanted.

As transplanting it will be giving that organism a whole new body.

however, if the body is still vibrant,

it would be a new chance at life assuming the previous is old.

“old wine in new skin huh”.

The brain is the root of life itself.

Instead, of looking at the human body and its development in relation to other organisms for the sake of evolution,

why not we look at the brain and its complexity,

then see if any organism will be able to evolve to this level.

The body doesn’t define an organism the brain does.

The body and its structure is merely a shell protecting, supplying nutrient, and covering the most important factor of life.

however, without it, there is no life itself.

Even though the brain cannot function alone the body as well can’t.

which of course, the body can be replaced but the brain can’t be.

giving a monkey a human brain, assuming it’s possible,

will cause that monkey body to be human and not the human, being a monkey and vice versa.

Think about it and let’s know your take on this.

An exceptional topic I created to bring discussions of different ideas on how unique the brain is.

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